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Latest Projects
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Phase A Science Case for MAVIS -- The Multi-conjugate Adaptive-optics Visible Imager-Spectrograph for the VLT Adaptive Optics Facility

I contributed to the MAVIS Science Cases with a white paper on "Spectroscopy of distant Cepheids with MAVIS: A detailed chemical mapping of spiral galaxies in the Local Universe". Full text available here: MAVIS Science Case Book

Light-curve templates for variable stars

Obtaining good sampling of light-curves of variable stars such as Classical Cepheids can be very time-consuming. By adopting light-curve templates, single-epoch observation can approximate well the luminosity averaged over the pulsation cycle.  In particular, I developed new Near-Infrared light curve templates able to provide accurate mean magnitudes from single-epoch observations (Inno et al., 2015), saving a significant amount of telescope time. 

The Panchromatic View of the Magellanic Clouds from Classical Cepheids.

In this project, I aim at obtaining a comprehensive three-dimensional mapping of the Magellanic Clouds by using Classical Cepheids.  In particular, I applied the new NIR light curve templates I developed to the single-epoch magnitudes from the IRSF survey, and complemented the dataset with optical and mid-infrared light-curves from OGLE-IV and ALLWISE-Mep. This multi-band dataset allowed me to i) precisely constrain the geometry of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) disk and its viewing angles; ii) determine a new, independent mean distance to the LMC; and iii) obtain a reddening map across the LMC disk which is a factor of ten more accurate and a factor of two more extended than similar maps available in the literature.